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Physiotherapy in London, Ontario

Physiotherapy in London, Ontario

Our physiotherapists London, Ontario, treat primarily musculoskeletal disorders, or orthopaedic conditions that may have resulted from a sports/work/ motor vehicle injury.  They are extensively trained in physical movement disorders of the body, and following a comprehensive history and physical examination, will provide a therapy plan to help patients recover more quickly by increasing their range of motion, strength and flexibility in the affected area(s). At Alevia Health and Wellness Centre in London, we treat a wide range of physical complaints from sports injuries of the ankles/knees/hips, to repetitive motion or overuse injuries such as rotator cuff and carpal tunnel syndromes.

In addition, they treat a number of post-surgical conditions that require management of pain, swelling and edema, as well as assessments for custom molded bracing and orthotic devices.  A physiotherapist at Alevia in London, Ontario also has the unique benefit of working with other health care providers in an integrated setting. This helps enhance recovery by saving time through coordination of care if necessary (such as massage, acupuncture, shockwave or chiropractic).

Defining Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a branch of health care that focuses on the preservation and restoration of movement and physical function.  These impairments may result from disability, trauma/injury or diseases and can be assessed and treated by the utilization of therapeutic exercise, therapeutic stretching, and physiological therapeutic modalities like TENs, ultrasound and laser.  Physiotherapists at Alevia in London, Ontario may also consider supportive devices such as bracing, and provide substantial guidance in home exercise, stretching and patient education/training.

What to Expect at Alevia

Each patient is evaluated thoroughly and all aspects of past and current medical health history will be documented for careful consideration of the most appropriate therapy plan. Our London, Ontario physiotherapists will examine your areas of complaint and gain necessary information through many of the following procedures: orthopaedic testing, range of motion measurements, manual muscle or strength testing, neurological examination, outcome measures/questionnaires, and muscle coordination tests, to name a few. Each therapy plan is specifically designed and custom tailored to the individual patient and is provided through a gentle, hands-on approach with direct interaction.  At Alevia, our main goal is helping you achieve your optimal health.

Do I Need a Prescription?

At Alevia Health and Wellness Centre, London, we accept most extended health insurance benefits (contact us for specific details), and a large percentage of them require a prescription for physiotherapy services from your family doctor. You may be able to seek care directly if you have been involved in a work or motor vehicle injury. In some instances you do not require a prescription, but feel free to double check your insurance benefits or contact one of our offices for a comprehensive outline of your available insurance benefits.  We look forward to helping you achieve all of your health and wellness goals!

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