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How to Choose a Proper Pillow

How to Choose a Proper Pillow

Has this happened to you?

Woke up with sore neck and back?

You had to bend your pillow because it was so flat?

Your last pillow came from the bargain bin?

The job of a pillow is to support your head, neck and back. A better pillow can mean a better night’s sleep. A good pillow might last for years, while a less expensive pillow may need to be replaced sooner.

A proper pillow isn’t always the largest one on the shelf. The average consumer views bigger as better. A pillow can be very large and fluffy and not be correct for the type of sleeper you are.

How you sleep will help determine the best type of pillow for you.  About 70% of people sleep on their sides, 20% are back sleepers and 10% are stomach sleepers.

A side sleeper requires the most support and an extra-firm pillow, while a back sleeper can go for a medium-firm pillow to firm pillow and a stomach sleeper might go for a medium-density, flatter pillow.

If you’re bending your pillow in half to double it up, then it’s not providing enough support.

If you have allergies, you’ll want to get a hypoallergenic pillow.  While all synthetic fills are allergen free, you can also get down and feather pillows rated hypoallergenic.

If someone finds that their pillow gets hot when they’re sleeping, then opt for choosing an open-cell memory foam pillow as they are designed to keep air flowing.

If you’re not sure which pillow to choose, ask one of our health practitioners at Alevia Health and Wellness Centre for help.

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