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Guidelines to Improve Posture

Guidelines to Improve Posture

If you are hoping to improve your posture and make your back healthier, these are some guidelines that you can follow to accomplish this. Poor posture can affect your health greatly. Poor posture often results in having to see a chiropractor and get serious medical help for the condition. By improving your posture, you can keep your spine well aligned and your back will stay in healthy shape. Below, you will find exactly how to improve your posture.

Figure out where you need help with your posture:

The first step is to find out where exactly you need help with your posture. Do you have trouble sitting down, are you struggling to get to sleep at night, do you believe that you have bad posture when standing up or walking? These are questions that you need to ask yourself so that you can get familiar with what type of posture habits you have. If you believe that your posture is better under certain situations, you need to document this so that improving your posture can be pinpointed toward exactly where you need help.

To improve your posture while sitting in a chair:

If you want to improve your posture when you are sitting in a chair, you have to avoid leaning back in your chair, you should focus on sitting straight. You should also make sure that your back is perfectly aligned with the backside of the chair. Most chairs have fairly straight backsides and this can help keep your spine perfectly aligned while you are sitting down. Also make sure that you have a custom fit throughout the top of your back to the bottom. When you’re sitting in the office chair, you need to keep your arms flexed and at a 75 to 95 degree angle with your elbows. You can always adjust the chair if it is not positioned properly to achieve this. Keep in mind, you do not want to sit in one place for too long, so if you need to get up and walk around, this can help you improve your posture as well. When you’re sitting in the chair, be sure to keep hold of your feet flat on the floor as well. This can help you sit straight.

To improve your standing and walking posture:

If you want to improve your posture when you’re standing and walking, you should try to keep all of your weight balanced and on the balls of your feet. Try not walking on your heels, this can really cause problems with posture. You should also keep your feet slightly apart from one another, at about shoulders width. When walking, keep your eyes straight ahead of you, avoid looking down at the ground or pushing your head forward. You should also keep your shoulders aligned with the rest of your body. By focusing on your head placement, you can avoid a lot of posture problems. You should also let your arms hang naturally, try not to be too tense with your arms.

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