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Does Massage Work – New Study Reveals How and Why?

Does Massage Work – New Study Reveals How and Why?

According to a study by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, California which was published in the journal of Science Translational Medicine, massage has been shown to produce biochemical sensors that send inflammation-reducing signals to muscle cells.

The study also noted that these signals increased the ability of muscle cells to make new mitochondria, which is the power center of cells.

In the study, 11 young men peddled in a high paced motion on stationary bicycles for 70 minutes. Afterward, each volunteer received a 10-minute massage on only one leg. The other leg was rested. Muscle biopsies were collected on both legs. Analysis of the biopsies revealed evidence of reduced inflammation and increased mitochondria production in the massaged leg.

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