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Chiropractic and Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic and Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic services provide a wide range of benefits including spinal column alignment, disk related nerve adjustment, bone geometry alignment, and much more. All of this is accomplished without the use of medications or invasive surgery. Chiropractors go to school for an extended period of time to learn the science of adjusting joints throughout the body. While it sounds complex, it’s actually quite simple. An adjustment only takes a couple of minutes and it can provide miraculous results for people who have back pain and spinal column issues. Chiropractic services reduce spinal nerve stress and promote complete health throughout your body.

Are chiropractic services safe when you are pregnant?

At the moment, there is nothing to indicate that a chiropractic service could be dangerous when you are pregnant. While there is some physical contact involved during the alignment process, simply informing your chiropractor that you’re pregnant is a great way to avoid a detrimental situation for your child. All chiropractors go to school for an extended period of time and they understand how to work with women who are pregnant. They can avoid certain areas of the body, and they can be gentler with you throughout the alignment process. Some women believe that going to the chiropractor can actually increase fertility and make getting pregnant easier, so regular chiropractic sessions are often encouraged prior to pregnancy as well.

Are there chiropractors that specialize in pregnancy care?

There are actually specific fields that a chiropractor can specialize in if they want to focus on prenatal and postnatal pregnancy care. Below, you will find some of the many types of certifications and diplomacy’s that a chiropractor can achieve, when they want to work with infertility and pregnancy care with women.

ICPA Member – Special interest in in pregnancy care.
CACCP – This is a specific type of certificate awarded to chiropractors that specialize in ICPA training.
Webster – This is a chiropractor that is trained to work with pelvic balance, which is necessary during pregnancy.
DACCP – This is the highest level of advanced training in pregnancy care.

Why is chiropractic care something you should consider during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is something that you should take into consideration during pregnancy because there are psychological, pelvic, abdomen, back, and postural benefits. Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your body; it can often cause a curved back, pelvic changes, and postural differences that can be difficult to reverse. If you want to get your body back to the way that it was before pregnancy after you give birth, then you need to be treated by a chiropractor throughout your pregnancy as well. The chiropractor can help align your back, improving your spinal column, which will adjust your posture as well. This can prevent problems throughout the pregnancy and it will help maintain your health. Chiropractic services throughout pregnancy have even been known to control nausea, reduce labor and delivery time, relieve pain throughout the body, and prevent complications that often arise during pregnancy. Chiropractic pregnancy care is essential to maintaining your health throughout and after a pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant or about to get pregnant give us a call to find out more about chiropractic care during pregnancy.

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