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Alevia News

Alevia is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring two soccer teams. They’re both called the Burlington Bayhawks. One is the Burlington girls under

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Physiotherapy Benefits

There is more than meets the eye in the benefits of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy not only restores the physical condition of an individual, it also improves

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A Walk in the Park

Click on the video below to see how your skeletal system interacts with your feet Did you know that the average person takes approximately 10,000

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Knee Injuries and Bracing

Types of Knee Injuries Knee injuries are very common and anyone can be affected. Overuse from repetitive motions, sudden twists and stops and direct blows

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Replacing Hip Replacement?

Author: Tom Gilbert – As much as hip replacement surgery has improved over the years, for many people it still means early retirement from sports

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Winter Walking Tips 2012

Winter can be pretty harsh with unsafe walking conditions resulting in increase of injuries from slips and falls on icy sidewalks and roads. Winter walking

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Make Pilates Fun

The time of year has come again when resolutions are made, goals are set, motivation is renewed and expectations for success are high. Perhaps you

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Fake Car Accident Claims Busted

37 people were arrested this past Thursday in a multi-million dollar insurance scam that involved staged car accidents. All were charged under Ontario’s Insurance Act

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