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Alternative treatments that help prevent and heal running injuries

Alternative treatments that help prevent and heal running injuries

When prepping for a running event, such as a marathon, there is no guaranteed way to prevent an injury from occurring. Muscles get tired; they pull on joints leading to sprains, strains, tendonitis and other kinds of injuries.

Depending on one’s schedule, health insurance benefits and their financial situation, it is crucial to incorporate some form of manual therapy in one’s training for a marathon or into one’s regular running routines. If one is unable to receive regular maintenance or preventive care, then at least seek a health care professional such as the ones listed below and more importantly, especially if one suffers from immediate pain or an irritating ache that has lasted for several days and won’t go away.

When looking for treatments from any of these health care professionals, it’s always a good idea to ask fellow runners or colleagues for referrals.

1) Chiropractors. It is best to find one who has experience working with runners so they know what areas to treat and how. Chiropractors treat back and joint problems through corrective manipulation. Many of them are also certified in soft tissue techniques, such as ART (Active Release Technique), an efficient way to relax soft tissue, primarily muscle and fascia.

2) Registered Massage Therapists (RMT).  Massages can range from being the relaxing kind, with little muscle penetration, or the therapeutic kind, where work is done at a deeper level within the muscles. Again, looking for a massage therapist that is registered is very important as they have been educated and trained to work extensively on many different conditions. Most RMT’s will focus on key running muscles like the mid and lower back, buttocks and legs.

3) Physiotherapists. Physiotherapists also use methods to promote healing in the body, but there are times when the patient does more work than just lie on the table. Physiotherapists will not only provide treatment but they give patients a number of exercises and stretches to perform at home. It’s also an ideal treatment for the do-it-yourself type patient or athlete.

4) Acupuncture. Acupuncture uses needles at various points in the body to reduce pain and swelling and encourage healing. Some of the above noted health care professionals may be certified in acupuncture, making one’s treatment a one-stop-shop place.

5) Osteopaths.  Osteopaths use a combination of techniques to promote healing and to return the body to normal function.

At Alevia, we are proud to have a one-stop shop that incorporates all of the above health care specialists that have experience in dealing with many running injuries.

If you suffer from any nagging or acute injuries or pain from running, please contact us for a consultation and see how we can help you.


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